WHIP IT OUT | Whipshots Pride 2022

Whipshots celebrated the start of Pride Month with five days of activations at iconice LGBTQ+ venues in West Hollywood, CA along the Santa Monica Blvd strip. The week culminated on Sunday with a surprise appearance by Cardi B on the Whipshots float in the WehoPride Parade, followed by an unannounced drop-in to the club Heart, where Cardi hosted a few exciting rounds of the Whipster Wheel. Cardi B’s surprise appearance on Sunday was the talk of the town as she doled out Whipshots on the parade route alongside “A Dozen Cardi’s” - twelve drag queens dressed in some of her most iconic looks - and a fleet of Whipstuds.

Throughout the week, Whipshots created memorable moments that allowed for optimal sampling, increased brand awareness and prime media coverage.