Nissan Leaf iAd Presented by Steve Jobs - Apple Keynote

This is the Nissan Leaf iPhone iAd. The world's first, fully immersive, interactive experience for the world's first, mass-produced electric car. It's essentially the same as the Leaf ad Steve Jobs demonstrated at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The ads are embedded into iPhone applications, and when clicked, they appear as a window within the app. iAds do not send users to a Web advertisement. The Nissan Leaf iAd was demo'd by Steve Jobs at the 2010 Apple Keynote in which he states: "I'm really excited about this." The Nissan Leaf iAd has also won a myriad of awards including the CyberLion Awards at the Cannes Lion Festival, FWA Mobile of the Day, and appeared on blogs and news media outlets all across the world.

Nissan Leaf iAd Demo