If "Fifty Shades of Grey" taught us anything, it’s that American moms like a little romantic fantasy in their lives. Instead of keeping up with competitors and launching just another traditional marketing campaign, Kraft took Italian dressing and made it sexy (a.k.a zesty) in a way that made moms feel their best in the kitchen. This is something no other major food brand has done before. Kraft didn’t just stay ahead of the latest marketing campaign, the brand reinvented it — and then spread that content across all of its social channels to generate additional engagement and connection with fans.

The "Let's Get Zesty" campaign launched exclusively on Bravo's "What Happens Live" and the foundation for the social campaign was built on the highly engaged "Real Housewives" audience. Multiple media appearances on the Tonight Show, GMA, Live with Kelly&Michael, Fox News and E! only added to the campaign's social engagement.

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing sales were up almost 20% by the end of the campaign's run and gave new life to a static category.

Let's Get Zesty Print Spread - Silverware Optional

Let's Get Zesty Print Spread - Better Than Dressing

Kraft - "The Zesty Guys Says Hey" :30

Kraft - "The Zesty Guy Makes a Pizza" :30

Kraft - "The Zesty Guy Makes a Salad" :30

Kraft - Let's Get Zesty Campaign Case Study

Let's Get Zesty Press

Zestygram Social Campaign

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