Coop’s Neurorefreshers | Packaging Design + Brand Strategy

To create a sparkling tea brand that transcends the tea category and develop an entirely new one: Neurorefreshers.  Founded by Cooper Neel, a college student who navigated 5 learning differences growing up, Coop Neurorefreshers has 5 flavors, each inspired by the unique challenges learning differences can present: Don’t Drown in the Down, Hocus Pocus Now Focus, Dump the Slump, Dare to Not Compare and Regress the Stress.
Coop Neurorefreshers donates a percentage of its proceeds to fund learning differences research and raise awareness of the issue.

At Coop’s Neurorefreshers, our mission is to drive awareness, understanding and an appreciation of learning differences and to secure funding for research and resources to ensure everyone has the tools and the opportunity to maximize their potential. Inspired by small batch microbrew design, Coop packaging evokes a handmade, regional aesthetic with bright colors and handdrawn iconography.